Digital Signage for Churches and Houses of Worship

Keep visitors informed about upcoming events, prayer requests and season reminders.

Churches are all about communicating a message, and digital signage can make that easier. Whether you’re a small church communicating upcoming events, or a large church trying to connect hundreds of members each week, digital signage can help you engage with guests and attendees. Digital Sings can help get the word out to your parishioners or congregation.


The following are just a sample of the ways church digital signage is being used to connect and communicate with visitors:
  • Welcoming new visitors
  • Informing the congregation about upcoming events
  • Broadcasting services over multiple campuses and locations
  • Helping visitors find their way
  • Recognizing members efforts and contributions
  • Making announcements
  • Publishing schedules and events
  • Posting menus
  • Advertise and promote congregation owned businesses

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