Our Corporate Signage Solution

Administrative Tools – Special Pricing – Advanced Features

Administrative Tools

Use our powerful set of administrative tools to create and manage users and allow them to create and manage content as you see fit.  As an administrator you can quickly limit users ability to delete signage content or give them the ability to share content with other departments.  You can even serve-in corporate signage content alongside your user’s created content.  Plus, we can create a white label or a company branded digital signage experience.

Remote Access &

Live Look-ins

We have partnered with TeamViewer to include remote access in our pricing to all of your digital signage players.  This feature also allows for live look-ins to see exactly what is on screen on any player.  There are no additional costs for this service, it is all included with our professional pricing.

Additional Features

We include the standard features such as dedicated account representatives, US based support, guaranteed hardware and contract-free pricing. But we also include some advanced features specifically geared to larger organizations which include proof-of-play reports, connectivity dashboard, ability to share content between users and training for all of your end-users as needed.

Connectivity Dashboard

Quickly view all of your players to ensure they are correctly connected to the internet.

US Based Support

We include US based phone, email and virtual support.

Player Hardware Included

Our signage player is included and guaranteed against damage or failure. Any issues and we will ship you a new one.

Proof-of-Play Reports

Print out reports to verify specific content was displayed.

Share Content

Easily share content between users to save time establish consistency.

User Management

Manage user control and with robust administrative tools.

Account-Serve Content

Serve signage content across all accounts from one centralized account while allowing local accounts to create their own signage.

White Label

Setup our signage solution to look and feel like your brand.

Pricing Advantages

We structured our Professional Digital Signage Solution to allow larger organizations to take advantage significant volume pricing while smaller organizations are still able to afford the price.   We created discounts to the setup fee and the monthly fee further adding to the value of our professional solution.


Program Fee


Setup Fee  per Device

$20 Savings / Device


Monthly per Device

$15-$35 Savings / Device / Month

Great Organizations Trust our Digital Signage

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We created a digital signage solution to help organizations both large and small manage their digital signage more efficiently and cost effectively.  Our powerful suite of professional signage tools allows content managers to quickly create, delegate and monitor their digital signage displays.  From single location organizations to multinational companies our professional solutions will help you better communicate with your employees and customers.  Learn how we can help you communicate more effectively and efficiently.