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Improve Communication

Colleges and schools can benefit greatly from the use of digital signage for student and employee communications. Dynamic content such as videos and other moving content greatly improves engagement and the recall of your message.  As opposed to static signage, digital signage has significant cost and time saving advantage as well.  The TV Sign is a full featured and affordable solution trusted by a number of top schools in the country such as the University of South Carolina, Clemson University, and Schreiner University.   Request and demo of our digital signage solution to learn how we can help your school communicate better.

Cost Savings for your School

Replacing static signage with digital signage at your school will cut printing cost and result in significant time savings.  Our digital signage for schools allows for immediate launch of your message across campus to your students without the need of waiting for printing.  The cost saving of digital signage over printing can be 50% or greater.  Furthermore scheduling of content can ensure that your message appears when it needs to and not when it doesn’t.  These advantages simply are not available with static signage.   Also, the creation of branded templates greatly reduces the time need for designers to create and launch new content.

Cost Savings

or more!

Improve Engagement

Study after study has shown that digital signage is noticed more and for far longer than traditional static media.  This engagement can be increased even further by using dynamic content such as RSS feeds, videos, interactive polls, scrolling text, weather, social media integrations and live web pages.   The results our schools see are better attendance to events, increased contributions to causes and increased awareness of important dates such as drop-add.  The TV Sign digital signage solution can offer these benefits at an affordable cost .

Increase in awareness of your message.

Our Digital Signage for Schools

The TV Sign provides an easy to use drag-and-drop solution.  The signage player hardware is included and guaranteed (no questions asked) for the time you are with us. We provide free  US based support to all of our customers in the form of email, phone and virtual screen sharing.  Our digital signage software solution also includes administrative controls allowing various college departments to handle their own content while the school as a whole can interject their own content.

Scheduling & Dayparting

Schedule your content to play certain days of the week, times of the day or a date range.

Dedicated Support

We include us based support in the form of email phone and virtual screen sharing.

Player Hardware Included

Our signage player is included and guaranteed against damage or failure. Any issues and we will ship you a new one.

Administrative Controls

Administer and allow multiple users to create signage while maintaining overall control.

Great Schools Trust our Signage

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Digital signage for schools
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    If you still have more questions regarding our digital signage solution and how it can help your school communicate better please reach out to us. We can specific questions you have.  We can also perform a quick 10 minute screen sharing demo where we explain and show you how the online editor works. Get started with your school’s digital signage today.